In a nutshell, Strongnia was created to be an outdoor nation. Not only do I, as a survival enthusiast, want to teach people different tricks and tips on how to survive and use various tools, but I also want to learn and expand my family of lone wolves so we can create the ultimate pack.

Ever since I was young, I have been fascinated with the idea of sleeping out and trying to survive on my own. That’s how I developed my knowledge about outdoors, survival, and the different equipment that one can use to withstand whatever nature has to throw on him.

My main focus covers three aspects; protection, transportation, and gear. If you take a quick look at Strongnia, you’ll notice that I’m focusing on different tools and covering various subjects that fall under those three categories.

For me, the greatest weapon that has come into existence is the crossbow. That tool is just fabulous and magnificent, as it combines the merits of bows and guns to deliver an unbeatable experience in the wild.

As for transportation, the kayak has always been my favorite since it relies on force and muscle power, man’s greatest weapon, and aid.

Along with those two means of survival, we’ll be covering other tools, equipment, tips, and guides that will prove to be of great help during your outdoor endeavors.

What are you waiting for? Grab some popcorn and start exploring the wonders of survival and hunting through the different articles of Strongnia!