Choosing the Best Crossbow Scope: How to Become the Hawkeye of Crossbowmen

Best Crossbow Scope – Reviewed by Strongnia

Using the best crossbow scope you can get your hands on is an essential prerequisite for any successful hunting experience, and it is something that every skilled bow-hunter has in mind.

Additionally, even if you are one of the more experienced shooters out there, or you own one of the most performing crossbows, that still is not enough to unlock your full potential. You should seek every little boost to your output that’ll put you ahead of the competition. That advice applies to both men and women crossbow hunters.

One of the key elements that are more often than not underrated is the scope. A subpar one will just make your efforts go to waste, and that’s why it is a very wise investment to buy an above average one.

Built-in scopes, although they are generally provided with the purchase of a crossbow, lack in quality compared to that a third-party product can offer. Trust us, it can make a significant enhancement to your aiming.

Of course, there is a huge variety of crossbow scopes on the market, and it is tough to make a choice while considering both the quality and the price of the product. That’s why we crafted this article in order to help you at the very least narrow down the most pertinent choices according to your criteria, and that is according to our experience in using a great number of them. This experience has helped us, and will eventually help you pinpoint the best crossbow scope that will suit your needs and enhance your hunting experience considerably, guaranteeing you’ll be satisfied with your pick.

So, read on through this article and get ready to meet your perfect fit whether you’re searching for the best quality available or you’re wanting to make the most optimal use out of a limited budget.

Best Crossbow Scope Reviews

The Excalibur Twilight DLX Review – For the Serious Crossbow Hunter

This item is a must-have for every serious Excalibur crossbow enthusiast. The focal point that characterizes this unique scope is that it works exceptionally well in low light settings where it attracts as much luminosity as possible from the environment to ensure visibility and reduce the possibility of failure. This is appropriate for hunting during sunrise and sunset, the two periods of the day during which you’ll most likely encounter the most lucrative preys, and as such every shot counts.

The dimensions really speak for the capacities this monster has, and the most amazing one is the large objective lens that is 44mm wide, that makes it excellent at its’ job which is gathering the maximum amount of light.

Moreover, the 30mm tube it sports is primordial for perfect light penetration. Featured also is the multicoating throughout of the fog-proof lenses, which eliminates clarity and brightness issues even in the most sight handicapping environments.

In spite of these features, the highlight of this product is the intricate crosshair system, which provides precise placement in increments of 10 yards, as well as supporting any speed that is between 300 and 400 fps. Finally, the dual reticle is available in either green or red coloring, and it comes especially handy in situations where very little light is present.

All in all, if you’re willing to shell out good money to get the best quality, this is the best crossbow scope that you can find.

Nikon Bolt XR Review

This scope is of undisputed quality, as it is expected from Nikon. And to boot, it offers from 3x up to 32x magnification, which works wonders in allowing clear sight up to 60 yards away.

Additionally, it is both waterproof and fog proof, so it will not phase against any environmental conditions and will hold its usability. It actually captures a significant amount of light, 92% of it to be precise. This, alongside the crystal-clear details and the optimal luminosity and contrast levels, qualifies it to take the throne as one of the products in its’ category.

Hawke 1.5-5X32 IR SR Scope with Illuminated Circles Review

This particular scope is the perfect one for hunters who crave speed. It works exceptionally well with even the quickest of rigs, having an fps ranging between 270fps and 425fps. The ease of sighting in, coupled with the fact that it is excellent for distances up to 100 yards, only add to its’ awesomeness. For these reasons, we highly recommend this for any crossbow owner, or alongside the purchase of a new one, is only because of the massive upgrade it provides to the package, being one of the best on the market at this moment.

Hawke 3 x 32 MAP Review

The main selling point of this scope it’s very lightweight, which is only 9.8 oz. This convenient lightness is essential to maintaining the balance of the crossbow. Moreover, it is coupled with extreme ease to be mounted on the crossbow. Additionally, the field of view it features is vast, which enables the sight of any game from up to 100 yards. All of the optics are covered with a protective coating, which improves the sharpness and clarity of the images and increases the amount of light it lets in.

The design is innovative, sporting a bell shape that eliminates eye strain, and boosts the rapidity of focus over the targets. The sight ranges from 20 to 60 yards, which may make it the most suitable for your next shooting experience, so don’t hesitate on trying it if you get your hands on such a device.

TRUGLO 4X32 Camo Review: The Low-Budget Solution

Although it might seem too cheap to be a viable crossbow scope, this product has an outstanding quality to price ratio that highly overshadows its’ few inconveniences. One of those is the slightly subpar performance when lacking proper lighting.

However, even during the early morning or the late afternoon, which are some of the most common low-lighted settings, it is still usable. The main advantages include having good clarity and contrast and being waterproof and fog proof. All in all, if you want the most bang for your (limited) buck, this choice is the one that will satisfy your needs without breaking the bank.

Of course, better options always exist, but they are at least double the cost, so it’s a matter of budgeting and priorities at this point in order to judge whether the non-substantial difference in performance is worth it. In a nutshell, if you’re on a tight budget, this is the best crossbow scope for you.

How to Choose the Right Scope for Your Crossbow

Before you make your pick from the scopes available out there, there are certain criteria that you’ll have to put in mind in order to make the most educated, suitable choice for your particular needs.


The size of a crossbow scope varies in a not so slight amount between different items. The ideal size will be one which will enable it to be effortlessly carried along with other components. Its’ weight also shouldn’t surpass a certain value, which is ideally one pound, so the bow’s balance is maintained. Otherwise, it will increase the difficulty of stabilizing it, thus reducing the accuracy of the shots. It is recommended to seek a lightweight scope that features a compact design coupled with a wide lens for increased ease of potential targets sight.

Magnification and Optics

The main function of the scope is to see objects that are far away; thus magnification is an important quality to consider. But you have to also keep in mind the optical lens’ quality because the usefulness of even the most performing scopes will be diminished if the capability to show a clear image is lacking.

Mainly, there are scopes that feature lenses that have full multiple coatings, and these are specifically designed to make sure the maximum amount of light passes through, so the sharpness of the images is guaranteed regardless of the distance.

Another critical aspect to check is if there is nitrogen filling in the scope, as this works wonders against the clouding of the lens that is caused by vapor, notably fog. Considering this option is mandatory because such an item needs to be versatile so it can fulfill its’ function.

It is highly advantageous to make up for a loss in range, so the majority of products come with a valuable item; the reticle. In fact, these are markers that can help you pull off a precision shot with little influence from hight or distance variables.

Another factor of particular importance is the field of view because if you want to shoot at a target, you have to see it first. This is improved by a good margin when the wideness of the lenses is raised. Don’t ignore the weight though, as the portability of the product is also essential, as the other gear is not exactly light as well.

Durability and Ease of Use

Even though most of the scopes manufactured nowadays are made with the ease of being mounted in mind, it’s not something to ignore. Moreover, you must consider the adjustment ease so all of your focus will be on the target. The ones that offer the possibility of elevation and wind calibration with no tool needed deserve a special mention since they are advantageous over other models. They usually feature a compact dial that makes the modification process extremely convenient.

Durability is another primordial factor that either makes or breaks a crossbow scope. This type of gear has to resist a lot of beating when out in the field, that’s why the build quality has to be top-notch in order to put up with the challenges of the wild. The mounting rings, in particular, have to withstand everyday abuse, and the casing also must protect the product from contact with other gear or the floor. The ones that come with a storage case that offers more resilience against many kinds of hits.

Some Additional Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Crossbow Scope

When considering buying the best crossbow scope, there are numerous criteria to factor in before eventually making a decision, in order to ensure the most satisfaction possible. These can be divided into either major or minor ones. Let’s start with the major ones first.

First of all, you should decide how much money you’ll be spending on this product, as there’s much variety and different price ranges to choose from. You want to make sure that you’re getting the best quality for your buck, without breaking the bank.

Second of all, the lens’ size is in direct correlation with the power of the scope and the viewing area’s width, so you should ideally look for the biggest one for your price range. Additionally, check the settings available in the scope, as well as its’ power. The priority here is for products that feature easy to use interfaces for modification for the most convenience.

The options that are potentially included in crossbow scopes are numerous, so while you decide on a particular product, you should pick the one that enhances aiming and shooting while being durable so it can withstand prolonged abuse. The optical quality is another important feature that vitally makes for excellent image quality. And don’t forget about the coating for the lens’ protection against the environment.

Being fog proof and waterproof are often overlooked yet extremely helpful features. In fact, they might help you avoid much hassle and repair fees in the long-term, so make sure your potential purchase has them. And lastly, check the product’s warranty, and ensure that it provides ample coverage, preferably a lifetime one which many brands with a good reputation frequently offer to compete with other manufacturers.

To resume all of these tips, there are three critical questions to ask yourself before you make your pick and choose the best crossbow scope:

  • Will I use my scope for hunting, general target shooting, or competition shooting?
  • Is the range of my potential targets under 20 yards, between 20 and 60 yards, or over 80 yards?
  • What are my requirements in regard to Field of View, Reticle Type, Magnification, and other technical adjustments?

Some Terms You Should Get Familiar with Before Choosing the Best Crossbow Scope


This parameter is the measuring of how many times you can see a target with better accuracy than the human eye. the usual range is 3x to 9x.

Field of View

This one is actually the width of the scope’s sight when at a specified range. At a distance of 200 yards, for example, it might give a 20 feet wide sight picture.

The lenses’ focal lengths and the magnification both affect the field of view, which grows narrower the higher is the magnification.

Stray Light

The image quality is hindered by the fact that the metal reflects part of the light that goes in the scope. This is greatly reduced by having an interior coating

Eye Relief

It is the distance separating the shooting eye from the eyepiece lens. It shouldn’t be too small or else you might run the risk of hitting your eye with the eyepiece with each arrow release.

Exit Pupil

This measurement is a value denoting how much light reaches your eye.


Put simply, it is the length of the crossbow scope. Longer ones feature more magnification, but the shorter varieties are lighter and easier to carry.

Center Tube Diameter

This measure affects the longevity of the scope, as well as the size of the rings and the base needed for mounting.


According our experience with the above scopes, there are two obvious picks suitable for different needs that we’d like to recommend. If you are on a budget, the TRUGLO 4X32 is a solid choice that provides good bang for our buck. If you got the money to spend though, the Hawke 1.5-5X32 IR SR Scope is undisputedly the best choice to drastically improve your hunting experience.

In conclusion, the best crossbow scope is a powerful item to invest in because it yields many enhancements to your hunting experience. And conveniently, you now have the tools in order to make the choice that will fulfill your needs the most. Just remember the criteria to put in mind and the order of priority between them, and we guarantee that you won’t regret your purchase.

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