Holiday Gift Guide: Best Gifts for Campers and Outdoorsmen for Under $100

Do you know someone who loves the great outdoors, whether it be simply strolling or hiking along dirt paths in a park, or pitching a tent in the woods and living off the land for a few days? Do they love the wide-open skies, the lush forests, the tranquil sounds of nature and exploring the rugged hills and countryside of a land untouched by technology and construction? If you know such a person, then this holiday gift guide for campers and the outdoorsman is essential reading, in which you’ll find some top gifts for under $100.

The Travel Pak Family Travel Kit is an ideal gift for the lone woodsmen or a whole family of campers, and can similarly be used for regular travel as well. Consisting of a large assortment of lightweight, flexible squeeze tubes, flasks, bottles, and other containers, you can easily take along a variety of liquids on your camping or hiking trips. The tanks and pipes are made of durable plastic, odor proof, taste proof, and leak-proof, guaranteed to store your food items and other essentials safe within the airtight seal.

Easily transport shampoo and other hair care products, toothpaste, mouthwash, and other essential liquids without having to pack a bunch of large containers. With the Travel Pak Family Travel Kit, you can take as little or as much as you need to suit your needs.

A serious camper can get pretty dirty in the woods, and on a hot day, sweat can also be a problem. The Zodi Outback Gear Battery Powered Shower is a nifty camping accessory that makes a great holiday gift for anyone who spends a significant amount of time camping.

Small and compact, the Zodi Outback Gear Battery Powered Shower is easy to carry anywhere and includes an 8′ hose that can be submerged in a lake or stream or attached to a water carrier. A convenient foot pedal allows you to turn the shower on or off as you need it while using the ergonomically designed showerhead to cleanse yourself.

One of the best parts of camping is sitting around the campfire at dusk and cooking a delicious meal to enjoy, and a good quality cast iron Dutch oven is essential for tasty campfire meals. The Lodge Original Finish 6-Quart Cast-Iron Camp Dutch Oven is undoubtedly capable of cooking up anything from a hearty stew to chicken curry, warm soups, and tender beef. The sturdy Dutch oven is made from durable cast-iron, perfect for retaining heat and cooking food evenly.

You can hand the pot over a fire or set it over the coals on sturdy legs. An included lid seals in the heat and flavor, and can even be used as a griddle for cooking up breakfast in the morning, or for smaller meals like hot dogs and hamburgers.

Every serious camper or outdoorsman should have a dutch oven to call their own, and the Lodge Original Finish 6-Quart Cast-Iron Camp Dutch Oven makes a great holiday gift, for under $100.

To help the recipient of your gift decide where he might like to go camping and try some of his new camping gear, you might want to get him the 2006 edition of the Woodall’s North American Campground Directory.

Touted as the most accurate and widely-used directory of campgrounds all across North America, this book is the definitive resource for all campers. The book includes extensive information on all campgrounds, both private and government-owned, including directions, camping fees RV use, pet restrictions, and much more.

The Woodall’s North American Campground Directory is an essential guide for campers and outdoorsmen, and will undoubtedly prove to be a graciously accepted gift this holiday season.

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