Outdoor Snow Activities for You and Your Kids

Numerous snowfalls have left many of us grumbling about shoveling and treacherous roads. The last thing we feel like doing is going out there voluntarily with our kids who seem immune to the cold. Here are some ideas to get you back out there with a smile on your face. You can knock off quality family time and exercise in one shot. And there are some less strenuous options for the exercise haters out there.

Build a Snowman

A classic. Your children will surely appreciate your expertise in this area. There’s no need to do all the work yourself. Show the kid the basics of rolling a snowball, and they’ll be making them like crazy on their own. In fact, if you haven’t shoveled the driveway yet, I’d make sure they get most of the snow rolling done there.

Make a Maze

Stamp off a square perimeter in the snow and then walk your way through it. Be sure to backtrack several times to create false ends. Then have your kids try and find their way through the maze while staying in your footprints. After they’ve successfully solved it, they can try playing tag while sticking with the same rules of staying within the footprints.

Paint a Watercolor

Of course, we all know not to eat the yellow snow. However, we can take a cue from Mother Nature and fill some spray bottles with colored water and make works of art that Monet would be proud of.

Ride the Train

If you live near a hill, you can participate in a sled train. This works best with snow saucers or the plastic snow sleds (don’t use the ones with real runners). Put the coasters close together and latch on to the person in front of you before pushing off! Just make sure not to try this on a treacherous hill, or you could have a messy derailment at the end.

Have a Fight

Snowballs are another classic. Just make sure you insist on building fort walls, so you have a place to duck for cover when the kids start going crazy! Cover some ground rules first, especially if you have kids that hate getting snow in the face.

These are just a few ideas. Once you get out in the snow, you’re bound to come up with more ideas. And if you get stuck, ask your kids, they’re always full of crazy ideas. So get out there this winter and enjoy the snow!

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